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ABSOLUTELY CLEAN  Pressure Washing by Stew
See the ABSOLUTELY CLEAN difference!

Concrete - Driveway, Walkways, Sidewalks, Store Fronts, Patios & Pool Decks:

The "Quad Klean" - each area is covered a minimum of four times, if not more, with the flat washer/surface cleaner (similar to a floor buffer, High Pressure Water Nozzles spin at a high speed cleaning the areas below.)  The concrete area is covered with a light detergent which breaks down the dirt. I then pressure wash the area with a flat washer/surface cleaner, which lifts the dirt from the concrete.  Finally, the dirt is rinsed away.

A clean concrete area provides a startlingly impressive visual from the street, enhancing curb appeal and will brighten up the look of your house or business.

Pricing is unique to each situation and will be quoted in your complimentary estimate.

Stew Esposito, owner/operator, stewespo@gmail.com                                                                       Fully Insured and Trained by PWNA.